Thinking cross-ways – acting targeted!

Mitarbeiter der HMK im Besprechungsraum

The Advocates and Tax Consultants of HMK offer a bespoken work to our clients.

No one case is like any other. Therefor the Advocates and Tax Clients of HMK have a trained eye for detail and and pay close attention to circumstantiality. Through a close mandate-oriented work, we will embark on a custom-made strategy. The strategy will focus on the goals of our clients and emphasise the individuality of our clients.

The Advocates and Tax Consultants of HMK have the requisite creativity to embark in a bold strategy for intricate and complex facts of a case. The Advocates and Tax Consultants of HMK will inform about the assets and drawbacks of a conservative compared to an innovative strategy.

Your Consultants are:

Portrait von Rechtsanwalt Carsten Hesse

Advocate Carsten Hesse, Diploma in Law

Visiting Lecturer for Tutorial Courses at Ruhr University Bochum, Visiting Lecturer at FernUniversität Hagen

Mister Hesse deliberates clients

  • in any case in the course of incorporating business organisations (registered associations, partnerships organised under the civil code, general partnerships, associations limited by shares, limited liability companies, public companies),
  • in any case of infringements of trademarks, or likewise commercial disputes, i.e. justified or in-justified written warnings and reputational damages,
  • in cases of load-security-inquiries, driving-period-inquiries, export and import regulations, and truckage-related-inquiries,
  • in cases of traffic-collision-damages, as well for private and commercial individuals.

Advocate Arne Michels, Diploma in Law

Visiting Lecturer for Tutorial Courses at Ruhr University Bochum, Visiting Lecturer at Studieninstitut Dortmund (School of Municipal Administration Dortmund)

Mister Michels deliberates clients

  • in any case of indictable offenses against laws relating to economic offenses (base erosion and profit shifting, fraud, concealment, offenses related to foreign commerce and driving periods), and in any case of capital and sexual crimes,
  • in any case of administrative offenses – particularly administrative offenses of companies,
  • in the case of an act of administrative importance, particularly administrational prohibitions or partial prohibitions of commerce,
  • in compliance-inquiries of private and commercial individuals in regards to criminal and administrative offences, or likewise public sanctions (i.e. General Data Protection Regulation).
Portrait von Rechtsanwalt und Steuerberater Tobias Klümper

Advocate and Tax Consultant Tobias Klümper, Diploma of Law and Bachelor of fiscal affairs (Univ. of Applied Sciences)

Visiting Lecturer for Tutorial Courses at Ruhr University Bochum, Visiting Lecturer at Außerbetriebliche Ausbildungsstätte der Handwerkskammer Dortmund (Off-the-job-training Institute residing at the Chamber of Commerce Dortmund)

Mister Klümper deliberates

  • commercial clients in continuous taxation procedures, declares ongoing tax-computations (monthly, quarterly and annual notices in advance) and compiles annual balance sheets, and bespokes operational concepts of tax optimisations,
  • employers and employees in any case of employment law, particularly in restructuring- and redeployment-, as well as dismissal-inquiries,
  • lessors and lessees in any case of establishing, enforcing and terminating tenancy agreements.

Danny Voß, Bachelor of Business Administration (Univ. of Applied Sciences)

Freelance Collaborator, center-clerical-assistant on the field of damages related to traffic collisions and body injuries, former agent of the German Federal Police

Mister Voß processes

  • cases from the time of the occurrence of injury to the time of the compensation of damages,
  • forensic illumination of – intricate and complex – facts of a case in criminal trials by the use of unmanned areal vehicles, video- and photography as well as likewise police-investigation-techniques.
Portrait von Diplombetriebswirt Danny Voß
Portrait von Diplomfinanzwirt Thomas Henning

Thomas Henning, Bachelor of fiscal affairs (Univ. of Applied Sciences)

Clerical Assistant on the field of income tax returns

Mister Henning prepares the declaration of income tax returns under the superintendence of Mister Klümper

Hendrik Tietz

Student Research Assistant to the branch office.

Portrait von Hendrik Tietz